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The basics you need to know to get to grips with Shiptheory and Boostmyshop
  • How do I get started?

    Contact the sales team at and one of the team members will help you create a personalized subscription quote. Once subscribed online, your an account manager will assist you with further process. Likewise, you can sign up for a Shiptheory account for free and a dedicated account manager will be in touch!

    The integration process is very easy - you just need to add your Shiptheory credentials on Boostmyshop platform and you're ready to go!

  • Can I send shipping documents or labels to suppliers during the dropshipping process?

    Yes, you can easily attach files on your dropship order before you send it to your supplier. The dropshipping on Boostmyshop and myFulfillment allows for easy transmission of the order to the supplier via email, FTP or EDI.

  • Can I change my carrier on Boostmyshop?

    During the order preparation stage, if you are unhappy with the prices of carriers selected based on shipping rules set, you can change the shipping carrier to a cheaper offer by calculating the rates! It's directly possible to manage on Boostmyshop platform.

  • Can I manage customer returns?

    myFulfillment has been designed to facilitate all the needs of eCommerce merchants. We have created portal to manage Product Returns and Product Exchange for customers and suppliers in myFulfillment. This allows you to manage the shipping label for the new order as well!

  • Is it possible to receive customs docs from Shiptheory on the Boostmyshop platform?

    Yes, myFulfillment allows you to receive custom documents directly on the platform via the Shiptheory integration, so you can manage your shipping efficiently in one place.

  • What is the subscription price?

    Every eCommerce merchant has specific needs, so a personalised quotation is provided for each individual business. For more information, contact the sales team on +44 12 77 28 43 40 or