Discover how companies around the world use Shiptheory to grow their business through best-in-class shipping automation.

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Case Study FAQs

Shipping Success Stories help share what you do with our customers, and if you share it on, help your network become aware of the work we’re doing too, benefitting both of us. Interested? Check out these FAQs to learn how to get a case study started.
  • Who do I speak to about organizing a case study?

    You can speak to your Shiptheory account manager, who would be happy to put you in touch with the marketing team. You can also email Rob directly at to get the ball rolling.

  • Will you ever change the content of my answers?

    We reserve the right to adjust the copy of your answers or paragraphs for better flow, but will never change the content or sentiment of your answers, and will walk you through our changes before we publish.

  • Can I share the case study when it’s complete?

    Sure! We will, and hope you will too.

  • What do you need from us?

    An hour of your time to run through some questions and we'll do the rest.

    A high quality logo, as well as some high quality photos of your business/products

  • Where will I be able to find a completed case study?

    You can find completed case studies in the Shipping Success Stories section of our website - just click ‘Customers’ in the navigation bar.